How to find and work leads lists

How to work a list of 500 net workers:

If you blast an email to all 500, you won't be inundated because of the
delete button and Spam folders that people have.

Actually, the most successful process is to send one email
and then leave a voice mail.

"Hey Joe, I see you are in business, I sent you an email with a 2-minute
video. The subject of the email says:  "This is SERIOUS". Could I get
your feed back on the video? Thanks. My number is... I live in ......
If you don't see it please check your Spam folder or call me and
I can resend it. "

We work through the same list of 500 4 times. Before you get to the
4th time you could well be on your way to being wealthy again.

You can see where to get free leads at this link: